A Cultural Ambassador for Ireland

Interesting announcement here with Gabriel Byrne being announced as a cultural ambassador.


What does this tell us? That Brian Cowen is at least moving the Farmleigh agenda forward, and is talking about the link between culture and the economy, and that Martin Cullen was also very vigorous in this.

I guess one simple argument to move on with is to stress the need for a strong investment in the arts here in Ireland to support the creation of the work.

If we can have a flourishing creative culture for all ages grounded in local communities across Ireland then we should be in a much stronger position to make an even bigger imapct on the world stage.

Also, international success as we know, becomes a calling card to drive tourism to Ireland, and we should also make the link that if this is the case then we need to keep our lively festivals, venues and events of all kinds to provide cultural anchorage for tourist destinations.

So the economic case is beginning to be enacted – what I hear from the streets that the absolute, intrinsic case also needs to be got over.

What do we want this government to do to show they absolutely get the value of the arts beyond direct brand/economic value?


One response to “A Cultural Ambassador for Ireland

  1. Hi. Good to see them talk the talk, need to see them walk the walk. Sent following to local TDs and Taoiseach.

    I am pleased to see there is lots of talk on the Arts and its role in the economic recovery, all over the radio this week. This coupled with the appointment of Gabriel Byrne as Cultural Ambassador to the US is heartening. The reality however is there was an extra €500k cut to the Arts Council in February. The Taioseach yesterday in DC said “We are building a smarter economy, investing heavily in science and research, developing green technology and renewable energy, promoting our third-level institutions in the US and expanding our cultural programmes.” Where is the investment in Cultural Programmes? Is it possible you can communicate to me exactly what this investment refers too, as all we in the sector are seeing are severely damaging cuts and we are rapidly losing many of the 26,500 people who were reported to be working in the sector in 2009.

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