Fine Gael Policy Interest

Sen Paschal Donohue (FG) asked Willie White (Director, Project Arts
Centre) and myself and to go for a coffee in Phibsboro, Monday, 1st March.

He re-affirmed his commitment to the arts sector, and is looking to engage
with us in developing policy to make that commitment more concrete.

We had a broad ranging chat about where were are and what could happen in
Dublin and in Ireland. Part of what we were doing was informing him of new
developments in Dublin Central, such as at City Arts, the new theatre
venue at The Plough and The Graphic Studio. People who wish to inform
Paschal of cultural activity should email him at

The upshot is that Paschal is committed to organising a cultural forum to hear the views of
Arts workers. This is influence and inform the development of Fine Gael
policy. He has also made it clear that he is willing to use his position as
Senator to advance the case for the arts.

I think this is a very welcome development and we should follow it up.

Gavin Kostick


One response to “Fine Gael Policy Interest

  1. Amazing that their policy document is so sparse on the Arts. Time to write it for them.

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