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Interesting link – though don’t end up going round in circles if you just came from here. http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/theatreblog/2010/feb/23/theatre-bloggers-arts-funding

UK Arts Workers should be painfully aware that there is a real fight on.

We are gearing up now in Ireland for the second year of what looks like a three year adjustment across total government expenditure. By adjustment I mean slashing cuts.

What we have done is through email and on Facebook set up Arts Workers groups (for people making their living wholly or in part in the arts) in every consituency in Ireland. Then we have gone to as many TDs and councillors as possible to make the case for the arts at a local level. We put our aims in line with the National Campaign for the Arts so we managed to make a case at local and national level.

When people are threatened with cuts and unemployment there is the tendency to be fatalistic, angry or fearful. What we are about self empowerment, pride in what we do and finding a voice to say, we live here, we contribute and we are a part of a good and flourishing society.

There’s plenty of posts here to look at, enjoy your look at things – in particular we’re pleased with our Cultural Map – citizens and politicians need to know what they have before they can be inspired to support them – so have a search for that.

Gavin Kostick


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