Time to Act

Decision time is coming with regard to budget decisions at Council and Government Level.

Now is the time for all members to to take the time to email or write to our representatives in support of the arts.

Our councillors are here:

And our TDs (and prospective TD) are here:

Joe Costello TD (Lab) joe.costello@oireachtas.ie
Cyprian Brady TD (FF) cyprian.brady@oireachtas.ie
Bertie Ahern TD (FF) http://www.fiannafail.ie/people/contact/bertie-ahern/
Maureen O’Sullivan TD (Ind) maureen.osullivan@oireachtas.ie
Sen Pascal Donoghue (FG) paschal.donohoe@oireachtas.ie

When writing to councillors the agreed campaign goals are:

Keep the position of Arts Officer after the retirement of Jack Gilligan.
Keep the current level of Arts Disbursement of €625,000

When writing to TDs the agreed campaign goals are:

Retain the Film Board at at least its current funding.
Retain Culture Ireland at at least its current funding.
Retain Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism as a Ministry.
Retain Arts Council funding at its current level.

At it’s simplest your email can be simply:

Dear X

My name is Y, I make my living in the arts in your consituency, and I am a member of Dublin Central Arts Workers. I am looking for your support to achieve the following:

[paste in campaign goals]

If you have a personal story to tell, and/or an example of the arts in the Dublin Central area, please add it.

I will also post DAST’s own independent survey and this gives a very strong economic case for the arts. For example, it shows that for every 1 euro put into the arts the government is getting 3 back directly in taxation from the cultural sector, and an additional €10 in associated econimic activity (Exchequer Impacts of the Sector). In other words if the covernment wants money to fund key public services it should keep money in the arts.

So far our representatives have been fairly positive with regard to the arts. However, until they get a sense that real people living in their constituencies are passionate and informed about the arts, then they may not follow through to get the camapign goals. So please write those emails.

When you have sent your emails or letters, please let us know through comments here (or cc Dublincentralartsworkers@gmail.com ), and encourage as many people as you can to do the same, and join the group if they have not done so already.

All the best,

Gavin Kostick


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