Update the Cultural Map

The Dublin Central Cultural Map has been very useful in our meetings with politicians. It shows very clearly the level of activity and amenities in the constituency. It’s no harm now to check again that everything that should be included on the map is in fact there. Have a look and let us know if we’ve missed anything.


8 responses to “Update the Cultural Map

  1. Hiya Willie,

    I don’t see many theatre companies on the map… Is it a map specifically for cultural centres open to the public … or are production companies eligible for inclusion? If so you could include Second Age Theatre Company @ 74 Dame Street Dublin 2 , Irish Theatre Magazine at the Same address.

    Congrats to all on an excellent campaign – the media coverage has been wall to wall and extremely positive.

    thanks Linda

    • dublincentralarts

      Hiya Linda, the map is not exclusive at all. It’s intended to include as many arts and cultural things as possible. However, we have been concentrating on our own constituency. I think the ringleader for yours is Peter Daly. Give him a holler. WW

  2. Hi Willie,

    The Joinery (artists space/gallery/studios) is in Dublin Central on Arbour Hill.



  3. Lilliput Press in Arbour Hill.

    Would the Teachers Club in Parnell Sq count? It has rehearsals and performances.

    • dublincentralarts

      They’re both there. I added TEAM, NAYD and Lilliput yesterday. The Teacher’s Club has been up since near the beginning of the map. W

  4. Hey Willie

    Broadcast gallery In DIT on Portland Row, Dublin 1.

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