Round One

Willie White (Director: Project Arts Centre) and I had a meeting with Maureen O’Sullivan TD (Ind.), this morning, Friday September the 4th at the Dail.

After a positive discussion Maureen has agreed to make a representation on behalf of the group to the Minister looking for the key points of (a) Retaining Arts Council funding at the current level, (b) Retaining Culture Ireland, (c) Keeping the Film Board independent, (d) Retaining DAST at the cabinet table.

It was an interesting discussion and Maureen was well informed, particularly on more community based arts projects – which is not surprising given her background and constituency. The google map is a powerful tool in showing the cultural richness of the area, please keep adding when you can. Also the fact that for the first time TDs are being approached by arts workers making our lives in their communities, gives a solidity to the message.

Clearly this is only one small step , but it is a good one, and good to have our first TD actively on our side.

Maureen made the point that TDs do respond to written or emailed representations, and that as part of this we should look at all members making an effort to write to our local TDs and Councillors.

This could be something to look at in the near future.

All the best,

Gavin Kostick


2 responses to “Round One

  1. Hi Gavin & Willie, well done on all your work and the meetings.

    I just wanted to pass links on recent policy documents that Visual Artists Ireland has developed and submitted to the JOINT COMMITTEE ON ARTS, SPORT, TOURISM, COMMUNITY, RURAL AND GAELTACHT AFFAIRS and VAI’s response on behalf of Visual Artists regarding the proposed removal of the Artists Tax Exemption. Also some recent statistics regarding individual artists’ earning from creative work.

    While the Arts Council’s own research into the Social & Economic Status of Artists across all art forms is still in process this research may prove useful in that it will provide you with a picture that is probably similar for other individual artists regardless of art form area.


    Kind regards,
    Monica Flynn

  2. dublincentralarts

    Cheers Monica, will have a read.


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