Talking to Councillors

The culture part of the council development plan is here

At the moment the core funding for the arts grants and bursaries in Dublin City is €625,000 – a reduction on 2008. This is the figure we need to defend. The latest population figures for Dublin City is from 2006 and it’s 506,000. So the arts spend is around €1.20 per head, per year – which wouldn’t get you a Mars Bar and a packet of crisps (hmm, that gives me an idea for a PR photoshoot).

Also you may have heard that the great Jack Gilligan is retiring. There is a danger that he won’t be properly replaced, and this is another thing we need to ensure that the council does.

So if you happen to meet any councillors, we’re looking to keep the Arts Officer at his current level, and keep the Arts Grants and Bursaries at €625,000.


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