A Dublin meeting for Councillors

At the meeting of Dublin South Central Arts Workers, August 20th, it was suggested that all the Dublin groups do one public meeting for councillors in Mid September looking for their support. The timing would be to get things done before Culture Night and the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Clearly the more members the better for this event.

In terms of venue, I was thinking of going for a Council funded cultural centre – I can think of the Hugh Lane, The Lab, City Hall itself. Any other suggestions?

Can anyone think of any inspirational Dublin figure to ask to speak?




5 responses to “A Dublin meeting for Councillors

  1. City Hall seems like a suitable location. By placing the gathering in a building which is not specifically for the arts it emphasises the importance of culture for everyone, across all disciplines

  2. Hi Gavin,
    I didn’t get a notification for the meeting on August 20th – would it be possible to post meeting dates & times on the blog for all to see?

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  4. Hi Gavin,

    Good to meet at Aug 20th meeting. City Hall would be a good venue if poss as has been associated in recent Times with Culture. Thomas Kinsella and Louis le Broquy being given Freedom of the City.
    What about Heaney (pedictable, I know but Nobel prize winner a coup. That’s if he would ) or Mary Robinson to speak or both or more for limited time each? Robert Ballagh, Banville, Toibin, Neil Jordan, Ray Keaveney, Tom Murphy, Kinsella…. Enda Wyley

  5. We got knocked back a bit there on trying to get all councillors together as it looks impractical at the moment. So we’re going for individual meetings for now – see the blog above.

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