Time to get smart about the smart economy

Those of you who are following #itaskforce on Twitter might have already see that the Innovation Taskforce at the Department of the Taoiseach is now requesting submissions to inform its work to make the ‘Smart Economy a reality’. For people who don’t use Twitter just click the links above to find out more. Also on Twitter there’s a bit of a discussion going on about an article in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post by Richard Tol, Ireland’s flagging innovation strategy needs a radical overhaul. Here’s a quote

Ireland is hugely successful in the arts – music, literature, dance. Innovation is about creativity and skills, just like art is.

Princeton University, for example, has decided on a drastic expansion of its arts departments. You will not be able to get a degree in electrical engineering from Princeton without having followed a class in drama. The reasoning is that anyone can acquire skills, but the competitive edge is in creativity. Ireland beats Princeton hands down in the arts.

We need to start making these types of arguments if there’s to be a hope of promoting the link between the arts and the smart economy.


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