The city has a plan

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Emer Costello, and the Chair of the Dublin Regional Authority, Cllr Mary Freehill, launched the Economic Development Action Plan for the Dublin City Region yesterday. There’s lots of interesting stuff for the arts and cultural sectors to think about and respond to therein as we go about being strategic and getting smart about the smart economy. Never forgetting the intrinsic value of the arts we can only benefit from engaging with big policy documents that shape the environment we operate in.


4 responses to “The city has a plan

  1. Diego Fasciati

    Should arts organisations be represented in Dublin Creative Alliance?

  2. Without being too negative…. apart from acknowledging that culture is essential to Dublin’s economic vitality (page 25), the report seems a little vague in actually saying how to support the role of the cultural industries in developing the knowledge economy.

    For example, in Section 3, “Nurture, Attract & Retain Creative People”, in sub-section 3.1 headed “Support the role of the cultural and creative industries in developing the knowledge economies”, (page 40), the project is “Support the delivery of Cultural/Economic Strategies in recognition that culture is essential to Dublin’s economic vitality”, the Lead Body is “Dublin Local Authorities”, the Relevant Agencies is “Key Stakeholders” and the Outputs are “Creation of a Dublin City Region Cultural Alliance and Implementation of cultural strategies.”

    In the entire implementation plan from page 30 onwards, there are no other projects where the Relevant Agencies are simply listed as “Key Stakeholders”.

    Are there too many Key Stakeholders to list them, or do the DLA not really know who they are? Who do they think might be?

    From a (quick) scan of the acknowledgments, it would appear that no one from the Department of the Arts, Sports and Tourism had any involvement. Nor indeed does it appear that any Arts organisations that I am familiar with, or indeed any Arts organisations at all, had any input. Apologies if I have missed them.

    As this is a Dublin report could this a job for a representative from the 6 Dublin constituency groups?

    Peter (Dublin South Central)

  3. dublincentralarts

    That’s exactly what this and previous posts are trying to point out. We need to have arts and culture represented where policy is being made. In the past our contribution has often not been sought or offered. If we make an effort we may well find there is an openness to what we have to say. Please send the link around to Dublin South Central Arts Workers and anyone else who might be interested.

  4. Will do. And I agree, we may well find that there is an openness to what we have to say.

    Link on Dublin South Central Facebook page and wheels in motion re having a meeting and getting organised etc.

    Keep up the good work over here.

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