The Map

Work has started on the map, a rough version of which can be seen here. The map is both an impressive account of all the cultural activity that takes place in the constituency as well as a useful tool to organise arts workers. There has been some discussion as to whether people should be active where they work, where they live or both. At the very least it makes sense to be active where you have a vote. If you aren’t registered here’s information on how to do so.


5 responses to “The Map

  1. The map is very interesting. This is not only a Northside initiative, isnt it?

  2. dublincentralarts

    For the moment the focus is on the Dublin Central Dáil constituency, which is on the Northside, but feel free to start making your own map and they can be linked ultimately. The mapping is based on the Dewey Decimal System so it’s not just arts venues and organisations that can be included.

  3. Delphine Coudray

    Super idea! This is definitely something to explore for the rest of the country. I’ll keep you posted if we manage to compile one for Meath…

  4. Im sure you are aware, but just in case, have a look at Other Arts Workers constituencies on Facebook

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