Do arts and culture have anything to do with innovation?

If you think so check out Innovation Dublin,
Creative D and the Innovation Task Force. Where do we fit in?


3 responses to “Do arts and culture have anything to do with innovation?

  1. Alex Johnston

    I am disappointed. I was hoping that it was a genuine question, not a rhetorical one, because it’s an important topic and the answer “yes” is not the only correct one.

  2. dublincentralarts

    It is a genuine question and an invitation to people to investigate those various initiatives that aren’t really engaging with arts and culture and vice versa. Yes is not the only answer because there is a case for the intrinsic value of the arts as well as for their economic impact.

  3. Yes. At its core, art and artistic practice demands constant innovation.
    In broader terms, artistic innovation serves not only to inspire but also to influence and effect wider society.
    Would we have dreamt of making human flight a reality without Ovid or Da Vinci?
    Could a human have walked on the moon without science fiction in the 40s and 50s?
    How would we define our national identity without Pearse, De hÍde, Yeats, Beckett or Joyce?
    This is basic. These are facts. The Arts and Culture have shaped humanity.
    In the contemporary world, where things move much faster, art is central to the vision that propels scientific and business industries forward. We just don’t shout about it, and maybe its time we did.

    I’ll start.
    At this year’s festival, we have commissioned artist Michelle Browne to investigate practical solutions to the problems of urban living via a meeting of visual artists, architects, engineers and town planners. You can read about this project at
    This is just one example of many.

    I suggest that other artists, curators and venues write here about how their work has influenced or engaged with other industries through innovation.

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