We need a cultural map of Dublin Central

There are many arts and cultural institutions in the constituency but I suspect that there are more even than we think. I met an architect called Liza Fior of this practice recently and what they had done was to map culture in east London according to the Dewey Decimal System. I think it would be a valuable exercise to do this for Dublin Central, starting with arts organisations but then broadening it out as far as we’re able to.

To kickstart – there’s O’Connell Street, the Abbey, the Gate, the Hugh Lane, the National Museum at Collins Barracks, the O2, Firestation Artists’ Studios, the Lab, Dance House, the James Joyce Centre, the O’Reilly Theatre, the Joinery, the Cobblestones, Na Píobaraí Uilleann, City Arts, Black Church Print Studios, Four Gallery, Broadstone Studios and the Lighthouse. Please post anywhere else you can think of in the comments here.


36 responses to “We need a cultural map of Dublin Central

  1. dublincentralarts

    I forgot D-light Studios over by the Five Lamps and Dublin Fringe Festival too.

  2. Well Dublin Youth Theatre on Gardiner Street, the Writer’s Museum on Parnell Square and the Four Gallery on Capel Street.
    The Teacher’s Club also has a theatre in the Basement (T36) and I understand Outhouse on Capel Street does too.
    If we’re counting the Lighhouse, can we also count the Savoy and Cineworld?

  3. Not quite sure of the geographical boundaries but

    Coiscéim Studios (Sackville Place), thisisnotashop,

  4. A quick Google of “Galleries in Dublin” turned up the following:

    Thisisnotashop on Benburb Street,
    Davis Gallery on Capel Street,
    Bridge Gallery on Ormond Quay,
    Kevin Kavanagh Gallery on Strand Street, Hillsboro Fine Art on Parnell Square and possibly the Pallas Studios on Foley Street (The website suggests that location is under review.)
    And apparently the National Wax Museum is intending to move to Smithfield.

    P.S. Would it be a stretch to include Walton’s of Frederick Street – they are involved in purveying artistic instruments…

  5. dublincentralarts

    Yikes, I forgot DYT. There’s CoisCéim of course too. Kevin Kavanagh has moved to Golden Lane, Dublin 8. Pallas are dormant at the moment as far as I know. The question re cinemas is interesting as Cineworld shows arthouse movies sometimes. Walton’s ought to make it if we adopt the Dewey approach.

  6. aislingcryan

    Music Network in the Coach House,
    Dublin Castle,
    The Chester Beatty Library,
    Gallery Number One on Castle Street,
    The Gaiety?
    That small theatre space in Connelly Books near Project,
    Gallery of Photography,
    National Photographic Archive,
    Contemporary Music Centre Fishamble St,
    Improvised Music Company on Dame St
    Note Productions are over in Stoneybatter although I’m not sure of the address,
    Crash Ensemble are based in Belvedere College near Parnell Sq,
    The Irish Jazz Club in JJ Smyths, Georges St,

  7. dublincentralarts

    I’m going to concentrate on the Dublin Central constituency for the moment. Do you know anyone we can encourage to do the mapping for Dublin South Central and Dublin South East, where a lot of those organisations are based?

  8. Hillsborough Fine Arts – http://www.hillsborofineart.com/
    the Joy Gallery / Red Space – http://redspace.cc/
    Blackletter – a virtual org but Dublin based http://blackletter.ie/site/modules/content/?id=5
    Brunswick Mill Studios /Stoneybatter Studios/ Sun Studios/ Pallas Studios – Mary’s Abby Studios – http://www.visitstudios.com
    Henrietta St studios

  9. Amanda Ralph

    Any chance we could use google earth to plot and share placemarks over the network?

    I’ve had a look at

    but it’s a bit too geeky for me.

    Broadstone Studios Hendron Building 36-40 Upper Dominic Street, Dublin 7

    Commonplace 10 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2

    Firestation Studios 9-11 Lower Buckingham Street, Dublin 1

    Green on Red Gallery 26-28 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2

    Hugh Lane Gallery Clarence House, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1

    IMMA Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

    Kerlin Gallery Anne’s Lane, South Anne Street, Dublin 2

    Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Chancery Lane, Dublin 8

    Molesworth Gallery 16 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

    Mother’s Tank Station 41-43 Watling Street, Ushers Island, Dublin 8

    New Art Studio 2-3 Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7

    Temple Bar Gallery and Studios 5-9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

    Project Arts Centre
    Market Studios and UNIT H gallery
    Eustace St Studios
    Molesworth Gallery
    Oonagh Young Gallery, James Joyce St.
    Thisisnotashop, 26 Benburb St, Dublin 7
    Cross gallery, Francis Street
    Monstertruck Gallery & Studios, 73 Francis St., Dublin 8

  10. Amanda Ralph

    The LAB, Foley St
    Talbot Gallery and Studios, 51 Talbot St
    National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Sq West & Clare St.
    National museum of Ireland, Kildare St, / Collins Barracks, Benburb St / Merrion St
    Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle
    NCAD D8
    The Ark
    The Science Gallery, Pearse Street
    Old Library and Book of Kells, Trinity College
    Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College
    Graphic Studio Gallery – Through the Arch, off Cope Street, Temple Bar.
    Gallery of Photography – Meeting House Square
    Oisín Gallery – 44 Westland Row, Dublin 2
    Merrion Square Outdoor Art Exhibition on Merrion Sq
    Blue Leaf Gallery, 10 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3
    Bridge Art Gallery. 6 Upper Ormond Quay
    Cobalt Gallery Cafe 16 North Great Georges Street
    Hallward Gallery 65 Merrion Square
    Lemonstreet Gallery Lemon Street, 24/26 City Quay
    Oriel Gallery 17 Clare Street
    Original Print Gallery 4 Temple Bar, Temple Bar
    Black Church Print Studio, 4 Temple Bar
    Royal Hibernian Academy 15 Ely Place
    Taylor Galleries 16 Kildare Street
    The National Photographic Archive Meeting House Square, Temple Bar
    The Rubicon Gallery 10 St Stephen’s Green
    The Solomon Gallery Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

  11. Amanda Ralph

    Stone Gallery, 70 Pearse Street
    Pallas Contemporary Projects
    FOUR, 119 Capel Street, Dublin 1
    The James Joyce House of The Dead, 15 Usher’s Island, Dublin 8
    Paul Kane Gallery, 6 Merrion Sq, Dublin 2
    Archway Studios Unit 13, Seville Terrace D 1
    Brunswick Mill Studios Smithfield, Dublin 7
    Independent Artists’ Studios No’s 11 and 16 Eustace St. Dublin 2
    The Red Stables, Saint Anne’s Park, Mount Prospect Avenue, Dublin 3
    Richmond Road Studios, 1A Convent Avenue
    Fairview, Dublin 3
    Stoney Batter Studios, The Mill, 32 North Brunswick Street Stoneybatter, Dublin 7
    The Visual Art Centre 32 North Brunswick Street
    Dublin 7
    The Arts Council Merrion Sq
    Visual Artists Ireland, 37 North Great George’s Street,
    National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) at NCAD
    National Archives, Bishop St D8

  12. Graphic Studio on NCR & Fighting Words on Russell Street… and Visual Artists Ireland and Childrens Books Ireland are both in North Great George’s Street

  13. I think Pallas is on Grangegorman Lower just off Smithfield – I pass it every day and there are often people in there looking at stuff – think Una McKevitt was involved there lately – she’ll know for definite.

  14. dublincentralarts

    I have started to put placemarks on Google Maps, search under Dublin Central Cultural Map.

  15. aislingcryan

    It might be helpful to have a map of the exact boundaries of the constituency. I’m new to the divisions after switching my vote from North Tipp and still getting used to the area.
    This is the only map I could find after a quick google – http://www.oir.ie/documents/publications/dublin2.pdf

  16. dublincentralarts

    Thanks Aisling, that’s up now.

  17. Do places like the Front Lounge, Grogans and Gruel count?

  18. dublincentralarts

    That’s an interesting question and I would refer to the Dewey Decimal System for an answer. The places you mention are not in Dublin Central. However, I would include any bar or restaurant that has exhibitions or performances, for example Panti Bar on Capel Street or that place that used to be Bleu Note. Grogans, Front Lounge and Gruel could all be included in the Dublin South East Map.

  19. Hi there

    recently after sdiscussing this for a while, with an EU group of collaborators we are mapping all the independent and less independent cultural/art/community organizations .
    Independent ones should be kept separate from the official ones.
    this division must also be explained.
    the separation could be given by
    the financial condition the group works in
    the independence from umbrella institutions of the artistic direction
    the innovative programme and activities

    You can contact us at THE SHED
    to share these information
    we are meeting one by one the centers and with this to arrange collective meetings to know each other differences and common points to plan.
    Eli McBett
    8a Henrietta Lane Dublin 1

    • As I understand it – the mission here is to repeat – loud & clear – the 3 x points made by the arts council focusing on the economic benefits: Jobs, International reputation, culture & the smart economy / creative industries. By keeping the message simple but strong – it has more chance of being heard. The task is to get as many people as possible working in the arts to repeat the same clear message – all over the country.

  20. between the independent groups you need indeed to mention

    The Shed – 8a Henrietta Lane – Dublin 1
    Joy Gallery/Redspace Studios – Rutland Place – D1
    La Catedral/Back Loft – 7-11 St. Augustine Street D8?
    Box Social – behind No. 236 South Circular Road, Dublin 8
    Seomra Spraoi – 10 Belvedere Court – Dublin 1

    and a lot of so called “Community” Centres that are active in the arts to be identified

    I would exclude schools and colleges in this list, though, or to create a separate one.

    From my point of view (relating to my survey)
    shouldn’t be included:
    Community Centres not presenting precise artistic services or plans,
    Commercial / Private galleries and Craft Shops
    Art Studios without exhibiting space or/and not promoting collective activities.
    Art Magazines
    they should be listed in separate maps.

  21. Is the jury still out on whether educational institutions are going to be included here, namely art colleges?

    Although, for example, we have BroadCast Gallery at School of Art, Design and Printing, D.I.T. Portland Row, (and HQ at Mountjoy Square).

  22. I guess
    the Gallery of a school, if is open to other activities and possibly artistically directed by someone, is no longer “the school” so it becomes a cultural space.

    If the school is just active as school then it is no use for external networking as “Space” but it will be however as school for othe possible means.

    This is my personal point of view though.

    Eli Mcbett

  23. NAYD – National Association for Youth Drama is on Upper Gardiner Street.
    Talbot 101 restaurant on Talbot Street used to exhibit paintings.
    Swear there is a gallery on Lower Grangegorman Road.
    Don’t know if it really counts but the Sanctuary on Stanhope Street does art therapy workshops and singing/music workshops.
    The James Joyce Centre on North Great Georges St – the Shakes Company used to perform in there.

  24. Hi Willie, count us in we’re on the map about 18 months now.

    The Market Studios, Mary’s Lane, Dublin 7
    23 artists, curators and writers and Unit H Gallery and project space.


    Also near by The Joinery: http://www.thejoinery.org


  25. Re comments on what should or shouldn’t be included on the map.

    I think it would support our argument, on the importance of the arts and cultural activity, that crossovers between community, arts, educational groups / institutions and art businesses be included within the scope of the map.

    Separatism on the basis of who is for profit, publicly funder or not, makes it easy to undermine the overall argument and the sector.

    The arts are part of the larger social fabric. Many arts workers are freelance or employed on a part-time basis working across public, private and independent not-for-profit organisations.

    I think an ecological perspective on cultural activity is the way to go as all the areas of activity mentioned above are interdependent.

  26. Well done Alan – I think you guys would definitely know an easer way to collate the info – if you get a chance to talk to the others – any suggestions from Blackletter would be welcome

  27. In answer to The Market studios:
    Diversities are not meant as differences in a qualitative sense.
    It is not a “better” or “worst” to be one thing or another
    if the map is a working tool though, I suggest to adopt some criteria to divide groups, maybe by different colours for instance.
    I am working on a survey to define how people works and what are their criteria and policies to create links.
    I wish to link with a “sense”.
    I am not excluding anyone.
    I just suggest to create links with elective affinities that must be discovered.
    This is what I meant

  28. The Factory Space at The Design Factory on 100 Capel St is a gallery space, showing print and graphic work.

    I think it’s important to include educational institutions, as they are often utilised as a bridge between many stages of any career, not least the launch point for many arts workers. My tuppence worth.

    • Agreed, BCFE – Ballyfermot College of Further Education have some really successful stars emerging in the ‘Creative Industries’ digital media, animation, film etc. as well as the art colleges, the future impact for students in NCAD / IADT/ DIT / BCFE is significant.

  29. This is great. I find myself going ‘do’h I forgot that’ all the time.

    Here’s a link to City Arts cultural map for Dublin.


  30. Thanks for that Gavin!
    Nick. City Arts

  31. SHE-D (THE SHED) has now moved to another site.
    the new space is in 43 Gardiner Lane. kicking off from this week.
    where is the here mantioned map gone?

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